Legal References for Texas School Administrators, 2020-2021 (PDF Version)


Legal References For Texas School Administrators

ISBN: 0-939136-70-8

This new downloadable version is hyperlinked.  “Click on a subject in the Table of Contents and go directly to the related codes.”                        

Provides educators and law enforcement officers with a ready reference from selected Texas Codes that cover situations that arise on school grounds every day.  Over ninety sections are printed verbatim from the following codes:

Texas Education Code

Texas Penal Code

Texas Family Code

Texas Alcohol Beverage Code

Contents Include:

Admission and Enrollment – Alcohol – Arrest/Taking Into Custody – Assault – Attendance – Bomb Threat/False Alarm – Child Abuse – Delinquent Conduct – Disorderly Conduct – Disturbance of School – Drugs – Harassment – Hazing – Immunity From Liability – Immunization – Medical- Paging Devices – Parent Duties/Liabilities – Principal Duties/Liabilities – Reports to Law Enforcement – School Premises/Access – Suspension – Expulsion – Tobacco – Transportation -Vandalism – Weapons

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