School Administrators’ Mailbox (Hard Copy)


School Administrators’ Mailbox

ISBN: 0-939136-57-0

The School Administrators’ Mailbox is composed of four chapters of samples letters. The letters cover every type of school situation where positive reinforcement is needed. There are no negative letters. Each letter is ready to use without change or with minor modifications. A complete and easy to use index is located in front of each chapter.

Chapter One: Sample Letters to Students

Part One: Academic Part Two: Attendance Part Three: Effort Part Four: Government Part Five: Improvement Part Six: Leadership Part Seven: Recommendations Part Eight: Personal Part Nine: Service Part Ten: Sports

Chapter Two: Sample Letters to Faculty and Staff

Part One: Career Part Three: Personal Part Four: Service Part Five: Welcome Aboard Part Six: Seasonal

Chapter Three: Sample Letters of Recommendation and Academic Oriented Letters to Faculty and Staff

Part One: Academic Part Two: Career Part Three: Recommendation Certificated Part Four: Recommendation: Non Certificated

Chapter Four Sample Letters to Parents and Community

Part One: Career Part Two: Gratitude Part Three: Personal Part Four: Service

Sample content from the book


Dear :

The close of each sporting season brings feelings of accomplishment, but a winning year is something special. The sensation of victory, of having achieved that which you set out to gain, is an experience you will never forget. Only a short time ago, students from our school were coming together to form our team, just as students were forming teams in other schools. What made the difference between our winning team, and the other teams that fell short of their goal? Your ability to work with others for a common aim was undoubtedly that factor. Your successes are more than victories against odds; they are measured in that which you have learned as a team member. Take pride in what can be gained when working with others.


Dear :

Due to the pleasant association I have enjoyed with you, the news of your coming retirement leaves me feeling just a bit sad. Our professional association has always provided a bright spot in my schedule, and I will greatly miss those occasions. However, your long and distinguished career, particularly with (District), serves as a fine example to younger people in our field and will help assure that your successor continues in the excellent tradition you have established. Despite that optimistic outlook, things will not be the same without you. But you deserve your retirement, and I wish you a wonderful time of it.


Dear :

has notified me of his/her intent to seek a scholarship from the (college, university, organization) which you represent. I was pleased to be asked to recommend such a noteworthy pupil. exemplifies the qualities one expects to find in a person likely to attain success in higher education. Her academic history is that of a serious student, and includes achievements such as qualifying for the (honor roll, National Honor Society). Additionally, has been a prominent figure in extracurricular pursuits. Her list of activities includes (sports, clubs, hobbies, honors). is a person who has a goal for the future.

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