Words For School Administrators


Words for School Administrators

ISBN: O-939136-56-2

Words for School Administrators remains the most practical and definitive work on teacher evaluation written in the last 20 years. A comprehensive handbook that helps in the evaluation of teachers and support staff and improves the classroom visitation process. The most valuable book that you will ever buy as a school administrator. It can save you many hours normally spent on the evaluation process.

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Chapter 4 Relationship With Pupils

General Premise: A competent educator is much more than a purveyor of subject matter. It is assumed that each teacher will display courtesy and good manners when considering pupils’ feelings. He/she should minimize negative incidents or embarrassing situations. No estimate of worth can be placed upon the willingness of a friendly and concerned teacher who gives extra time to counsel a youngster about educational and related problems.

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  1. Pupil Participation and Reaction to Lesson

Words:  answer  – contribute – feed back – member – participator – respond – share in take part in – be part of – enter into –  join in – partake in –  repercussion – response -stimulate


24.1 Creates a situation where students actively participate in the2 learning process. This involvement generates a very effective learning experience.

24.2 Structures the learning situation to accommodate individual student differences.

24.3 The planning and preparation on the part of the teacher ensures a favorable reaction to the lesson by the students.

24.4 Has established a very positive rapport with the students.

24.5 Pupils are involved in purposeful activities, not just busy work or unnecessary copying.

24.6 Maintains and uses materials appropriate to the level of achievement of the students; therefore, pupil participation and reaction to the lessons are very positive

Constructive Suggestions:

24.7 Does not create a situation where students actively participate in the learning process.

24.8 Active involvement by students is lacking because of the overuse of the lecture method without class discussion.

24.9 It is recommended that he/she develop and use alternate approaches to teaching that generate greater pupil participation.

24.10 Does not plan for the individual differences of students by providing appropriate questions to encourage them to participate in and/or react to the lesson being presented.

24.12 Has not established a positive rapport with the students. Because of this lack of rapport, students are unwilling to take an active part in planned activities.

24.13 It is recommended that he/she be more relaxed and create a classroom environment conducive to student involvement. 24.14 Does not encourage overall pupil participation.

24.15 Pupil participation and reactions to lessons are coming from only a small group of students.

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