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The two people pictured on the left started the business forty years ago. I am pictured on the left and my name is Don Wilson. The lady is Mildred “Millie” McGuire. I was an assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction and Millie was a principal. We were very proud of our profession and we enjoyed our work. We tried to be proactive and effect change but found ourselves spending too much time putting out fires. We developed a book of legal references to help our colleagues use the extremely complicated legal codes in California. We later developed handbooks that helped with positive reinforcement for both our staffs and our students. It is now over forty years later and we just published our 39th edition of the legal book. Please check out our current books listed below.

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Words For School Administrators

Words for School Administrators remains the most practical and definitive work on teacher evaluation written in the last 20 years. A comprehensive handbook that helps in the evaluation of teachers and support staff and improves the classroom visitation process. The most valuable book that you will ever buy as a school administrator. It can save you many hours normally spent on the evaluation process.

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School Administrators’ Mailbox

The School Administrators’ Mailbox is composed of four chapters of samples letters. The letters cover every type of school situation where positive reinforcement is needed. There are no negative letters. Each letter is ready to use without change or with minor modifications. A complete and easy to use index is located in front of each chapter.

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Sample Letters Of Recommendation for Students Applying to Colleges or Universities

With a particular student in mind select an Introductory Statement and select a Closing Statement. The body of the letter can then be created from statements selected from the other sections depending on the student’s major strengths. After all statements have been selected and placed in order, read for continuity. You may substitute words and phrases from the bottom of each statement into the sentences above. Make any further modifications of your own and the letter is ready to be typed.

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Words For Law Enforcement Officer

Examples of Commendations and Constructive Suggestions for Thorough Performance Reports

Words for Law Enforcement Officer Evaluations suggest ideas for constructive comments, acknowledges poor

as well as outstanding performance; explains the strengths and weaknesses of officers.

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Ideas for Pupil Evaluation words and Phrases for Parent Conferences and Report Cards

Ideas for Pupil Evaluation suggests ideas for constructive comments for the different levels of academic performance by students. If evaluations are written with care and understanding they have the potential to motivate students to higher levels of achievement.
It should be noted that each of the comments listed in this book should be adapted to fit the individual student being evaluated. The contents are presented to assist the school teacher in the selection of key ideas and phrases which will help to effectively evaluate students.

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Legal References for Texas School Administrators, 2017-2019

Provides educators and police officers with a ready reference from Texas Codes that cover situations that arise in school every day. This book is a PDF It will be downloaded to your email address.
Over ninety sections are printed verbatim from the following codes:
Texas Education Code
Texas Penal Code
Texas Family Code
Texas Alcohol Beverage Code

PDF Version: $25.00

Legal References For California School Administrators 2018 (PDF Version)

This new downloadable version is hyperlinked. “Click on a subject in the Table of Contents and go directly to the related codes.”
Provides educators and law enforcement officers with a ready reference from selected California Codes that cover situations that arise on school grounds every day.

PDF Version: $25.00